TSM is an integrated service provider rich in experience. With a customer portfolio that encompasses a variety of premises, we can customize solutions tailored to your requirements. From comprehensive cleaning services and waste management to building maintenance and landscaping, TSM is committed to building lasting relationships with our partners.

Our Vision

We are constantly working to establish ourselves as the most respected and sought-after contract cleaning and facilities support service in Singapore. We seek to build a partnership philosophy based on solid and trusting relationships with our key stakeholders.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing the highest quality cleaning and facilities support services available by exceeding the expectations of our clients as well as their employees, patients, students and other visitors to their premises or facilities.
We strive to ensure employees at all levels are well trained and equipped with the necessary tools to serve clients with efficiency and diligence.

Our Values

  • Promoting an environmentally sustainable society through recycling and waste management
  • Friendly customer-oriented marketing and sales
  • Upkeep customer satisfaction with follow-up correspondence
  • Efficient operations enable cost savings for customer

Professional Discretion

Our business is built on discretion and trust. We take care to respect your discretion and the trust you give us when you allow us to perform our janitorial services. Our philosophy is to provide you with complete satisfaction and confidence. We believe this comes from two elements.

  • We choose our team with the utmost care and caution. We believe that premium services come from a premium team. We can only achieve the level of integrity and trust that we have with a synchronous spirit. All our employees have pride in giving you their best efforts. They are the definition of professionals and you would be hard-pressed to find another company with this level of dedication to building a great team.
  • All our operations are transparent and open. We allow you to see and audit every process and procedure to build that trust. We also respect your desire to ensure your privacy is being respected.

Personal Touch

Today, your company can feel like a faceless entity. We don’t treat you like just another client. We want your business to feel cared for and personally attended to. Our service comes with a commitment to treat your company with a personal touch. We always commit to going the extra mile in service and care. We will be there early and perform more than you requested. You get that level of service that is usually only reserved for smaller, intimate clients. Our customer service is a conscious and consistent effort to do more than you ask for.