Clean Room Solutions

The Ultimate Cleanroom Solution You Need for Your Premises

Your cleanroom cleaning needs are unique. That’s why we’re here to offer you customized cleaning services that meet your specific expertise level, keep you compliant, and help you meet your production goals.

At TSM, we have a team of highly trained and certified clean room technicians to prevent and eliminate contamination in controlled environments.

Cleanrooms We Proudly Service

We clean most common cleanrooms, including:

Cold rooms

You need to defrost the evaporator coil, condense the pans, and prevent ice build-up to maintain efficient operation in cold rooms. While at it, you should disinfect door seals and gaskets to prevent mold and mildew growth and ensure proper sealing.

Our custodial professionals are trained to clean and disinfect cold rooms and maintain the integrity of the cold environment. We’ll help you keep your cold room compliant and operational so that all staff complete procedures.

Dry rooms

If you have a dry room, we’ll help dust and wipe down surfaces to remove any accumulated particles or contaminants. Our experts will do so by vacuuming or mopping floors.                         

We’ll also clean and maintain any equipment or machinery within the dry room environment to prevent contamination.


If you own a laboratory, we can help you clean and disinfect laboratory benches, countertops, and equipment to maintain sterile conditions.

In case of chemical spills or residues, we’ll follow procedures including pH testing before start cleaning to ensure lab safety and prevent cross-contamination.

We’ll also help you clean and sterilize laboratory equipment to avoid the contamination of experiments or samples.

Gray space

We’ll also help you clean utility areas, mechanical rooms, or other non-production spaces to remove and prevent the spread of dust, debris, and contaminants to other places.                   

We can also help you with cleaning and maintaining the HVAC system and ductwork to ensure proper air quality and circulation throughout the facility.

Gown room

We will help you clean and sanitize gowning rooms to prevent contamination of cleanroom garments. We will regularly inspect and maintain gowning room facilities to comply with clean room protocols and standards.

We utilize a cleaning system that is suitable for both controlled and non-controlled environments.

Other Cleanroom Cleaning Services We Offer

Other cleanroom services you’ll get include:

Emergency Response

Emergencies and contaminations such as spills or breaches occur. When it happens, we’ll be on standby to rapidly clean up and remediate the event that might pose health, safety, or property risks.             

We have trained personnel with appropriate personal protective equipment to handle hazardous materials, who’ll follow established safety protocols to prevent further damage as quickly as possible.

Throughout the emergency response and cleanup process, we can help you document the extent of the damage, the action we took during the cleanup, and any hazardous material we remove and dispose of. This will help you stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

Documentation and Reporting

We understand that most cleanrooms are heavily regulated and require you to keep detailed records and reports about cleaning to stay compliant. We can help you document:

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