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Your business’s hygiene is the face of your brand — and you need it to make the right impression on your customers, clients, and staff. That’s why we’ll examine your facility’s cleaning requirements, evaluate how frequently it needs cleaning, and recommend the appropriate solutions.

At TSM, we have developed and refined a proven process for commercial janitorial service to provide business-specific cleaning plans. You can then maintain a business environment that upholds a professional image, creates a healthier workspace, and promotes productivity.

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Janitorial Services We’ll Help You With

Reception Area Cleaning

Your lobby is the first area visitors and clients see when they come to your business. You need it to create the best first impression and maintain a welcoming tone.

We clean lobby floors, disinfect, dust, and polish surfaces, arrange furniture, freshen the air, and maintain entrances to keep your business inviting.  We go as far as cleaning the sidewalks, entry mats, and vestibular to set the right tone for your brand.

Office Cleaning

Clean office equipment has a significant impact on employee morale and well-being. It also creates a positive impression on clients and visitors. 

The scope of work including ceiling cob web removal, dusting of all vertical and horizontal surfaces, window and glass door cleaning, rest room cleaning, carpet cleaning, pantry cleaning and trash removal.

Waste Removal Or Waste Recycle

Let us shoulder the burden of waste generated from your business operation. We can regularly pick up the waste from your business and dispose of it in accordance with local regulations.

If your waste is recyclable, we’ll divert it from landfills to promote environmental sustainability. We’ll offer you separate bins for different recyclables from your business. 

Hard-Surface Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Your workspace has hard surface floors for a reason — to keep everyone safe. We have technicians specializing in such cleaning to guarantee those floors maintain safety for everyone.

We understand when floors endure heavy foot traffic, they require special care to protect longevity and appearance.

Using Technologies to Increase Productivity

TSM always promote innovation. With the help of technologies, our productivity increase. We have implemented digital attendance software, IoT-enabled devices such as sensors and smart cleaning equipment to monitor cleaning activities, track usage of cleaning supplies, and identify areas that require attention, digital inspection form to promote paperless concept and save environment and automated cleaning equipment such as robotic vacuum cleaner and floor scrubber.

All with Environmental Sustainability in Mind

For every cleaning service we offer, we emphasize sustainability, health, and environmental responsibility.               

  • We deploy green cleaning practices.
  • All our equipment is energy efficient.
  • All our cleaning products are environment-friendly.

That way, we actively preserve our planet and care for our environment as you do.

Let Us Shoulder The Janitorial Burden For Your Business

We have a team of highly trained technicians, which uses the best products, equipment, and methods to address your specific janitorial needs. That way, you can maintain a hygienic business environment, uphold a professional look, and enhance productivity at your workplace.

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